Saturday, 29 November 2014

Meeting Preparation - Minimal Biscuits

The Beds in the Orchard team got together this morning to discuss our meeting with the Trust on Monday. It was a good meeting and we think the people who are going will do us proud.

They're looking forward to it.  There's no understanding some people as it strikes the fear into most of us.  Most of us are too worried to even use our own names, so we are grateful that they will.

We had Panettone. Not biscuits.  For those following @orchardbeds on twitter will know there's a slight obsession with biscuits.

We are pleased with what we've done so far, but its not over yet.  We're a determined bunch and have some great people behind us and some great ideas for what to do next.

To the people from the Trust who are reading our blog and tweets.  We hope you get some of that all important insight into how the things you decide on in meetings affect the people you are supposed to care for.  We hope you start listening properly to your service users because we're finding our voice.

Cheers from everyone at the Beds in the Orchard campaign.  We'll be back on Monday to tell you all how it went!


  1. Panettone? Schmanettone!!

    McVities Dark Choc Digestives if you are serious about this campaign.
    Puts hair on your chest keeping the heart warm improving blood supply to the brain.
    Schmucks. Get real.
    Seriously we are all gunning for you. Patients, service users and staff alike!
    You've all done a sterling job. You have worked wonders from day one, so stand proud. Wish I could be a fly on the wall.

  2. You are quite right. Dark chocolate digestives are the best biscuit.

    We're aware that we have quite a bit of support from all over so will make sure we update later.