Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Why I am passionate about this.

A piece from one of our contributors.  I think it speaks for itself.

I want to help. The reason why I am so bloody passionate about this is that I can spend months at a time in hospital because of my health, which can go completely haywire.  Them closing female inpatient care is something that in real time could hurt my family even more than me disappearing into a hospital for months can do, and believe me, it hurt everyone, but especially the children.
There are women, like me, separated from their families right now. A section 3 can hold you for up to 6 months. Can you imagine being kept away from your families and those you love for 6 months, with them struggling to come and see you? I can, and I don't want it to happen to other people.
People don't talk about mental health and mental illness. A lot of people who want to help the campaign, don't feel like they can do it in their own names because of the stigma.
I'm not sure what my point is here, except that I bloody well want those beds back as no one should get the same horrible sinking feeling I get every time I think about what could happen if I get ill again.

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