Friday, 28 November 2014

Communication with the Trust

A week after we launched this campaign, we were invited by the Trust to meet with them in person to discuss the closure.  We advised that we would meet once we had the responses from our Freedom of Information Act requests.

The Trust have kindly pushed through the responses to those requests, which would normally take up to 20 days.  We appreciate their swift response.

Now we have that information, we have contacted the Trust to arrange that meeting as below:

Dear Communications Team,

Now that we have the responses to our Freedom of Information requests, we would like to meet with you on behalf of the campaign to discuss the closure of The Orchard to women in more detail.
We are able to meet with you on Monday afternoon.  The earliest we could attend would be 1:30pm.
I will be attending along with ****.  I may also still bring my assistant to take notes on my behalf, but I can't confirm this as yet as she may be required to minute another meeting at work.
Please can you advise whether Monday afternoon would also be convenient for you and who will be attending the meeting on your behalf.
I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. Your surely not going to believe anything they say at a meeting are you?!
    How can you trust the Trust?

    Lancashire Care NHS can't Trust
    Lancashire Care NHS Mistrust
    Lancashire Care NHS LIES

    NIght Owl

  2. Hi Night Owl. The people going to the meeting are quite experienced, so we have faith in their judgement.

    Also, we call them Lancashire Doesn't Care NHS Trust, but we'll add yours to the list.