Friday, 7 November 2014

A letter from a worker in the Trust

Again we receive an anonymous email from someone at The Trust, again we have no idea who this is from, but have sent our thanks. "BananaJam" shares their thoughts.
[Edit - While we really appreciate messages from the trust, we really don't want to get people in trouble!]

I am following your blog with interest.

Following local news, This is Trust wide knowledge, and County wide is public knowledge.  It has filtered down through the grapevine that staff at the Orchard have been given a "talking to" to say nothing to anyone even inside the trust.

I work for LCFT.

What are senior management afraid of in this campaign. The truth is the truth. Public knowledge of Truth AND Lies is essential, especially in public sector services. If a health service is so afraid of a simple truth (truth already in the public domain) that it feels the need to order staff to keep silent, the question has to be begged, why?!

Nothing said to date that I am aware of has been anything other than public knowledge. By it's very nature, the whole issue being campaigned for is public knowledge.

Women, take heart, many of us working within the Trust are behind you! Women and Men. Many people are discussing it within the general public too. In the last week, I have heard people talking about it in my local town.

You have strong cross-gender support for an story that clearly has a major gender thread, in a subject area of Health and Wellbeing.

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