Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Beds in the Orchard takes on the Trust on BBC Radio Lancashire

If you are from out of the county or just weren't awake at 7am this morning, you can listen again on their website - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0293ql6.  The podcast is available for 7 days from today.

Listen to Claire speaking on behalf of the Beds in the Orchard Campaign at around 7am and the response from Deputy Network Director of Lancashire Care NHS Trust at around 8am.

A lot of what Claire said is already on this blog.  She's kicking herself slightly about missing some things out, but it was Live Radio and there was a lot to say in a small space of time.

A quick take on the Trusts response:

If this is 'county wide' care, then you really can't then argue that the closure of 15 male beds in the county wouldn't have an impact on the need for male beds in the county.

Travel expenses - If they have to be claimed back, then families without the money to pay up front will still be unable to visit their relatives.

We were delighted to hear that female beds will be open back in The Orchard 'as soon as possible'.  We've heard you say that now, Lancashire Care.  "As soon as possible" is NOT March 2015 when the Harbour is due to open.

This campaign will continue to run and will continue to apply pressure until the female beds are reinstated at the Orchard.

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