Monday, 1 December 2014

Meeting with the Trust

Our campaign representatives will be meeting with the Trust this afternoon to discuss the closure of the beds to women.

We are sending two representatives.  They are good people who have given the campaign a lot of help and support over the past weeks and are giving up their own time and using their annual leave to meet with the Trust on our behalf this afternoon.

We wanted to pop something onto the Blog to let them know we think they're just marvellous!

Check back later for details of how it went.


  1. Go get em. They can't ignore the evidence of their own documents.


  2. Night owl, you're awake during the day! Report due back tomorrow from the reps, they're busy people but are going to try their best to update properly tomorrow,

  3. On my technology earlier than normal because I'd been for dep injection. Ha ha.
    Seriously, normally hit tech because it keeps me sane with my struggle to sleep.
    You guys are amazing though. You've taken on a load of robotic narrow minded corporation freaks. Self seekers who deceive for a living without conscience; and YOU have already WON.
    When did you start this blog, how little time has it been?
    You also succeeded via Twitter to help a single suffering neglected inpatient.
    All you BITO followers take note and bow.
    This team have trampled them into the dirt in which they love to wallow. They've exposed uncaring, lack of compassion, lies and hypocrisy. The world has watched this amazing feat.
    Forgive the ironic humour, but if you were male, you'd be called David. The boy David slew the powerful well armoured Goliath with a small stone well aimed and thrown with skill, courage and determination.
    You must all be sleeping at night with the corners of your mouths meeting your ears.
    Obviously there will be concern for those women who now suffer, but you deserve the moral equivalent of a Knighthood.
    I am honestly humbled. The task and the work must have been phenomenal additional to normal family life; and your minds must be razor sharp.
    I truly bow to you.
    Nite Owl.

    (Can't decide whether to be Nite, Night, or to now change by deed poll in your honour to- Knight Owl)

  4. Good to hear from you Night (knight!) Owl.
    Thank you for all your kind comments to our team.
    Take care of yourself and keep reading!