Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A big "Thanks" to Eric Ollerenshaw and a "Thanks for Nothing to the Trust"

Our other lovely MP Eric Ollerenshaw has got back to us as well as David Morris MP.

Both of them have had the same utterly disingenuous statement from from the LCFT.

This is the statement that:-

Doesn't mention that they've never removed inpatient care for women in this area before.

Doesn't mention the closure of male beds elsewhere in the county before  they closed The Orchard to women.

Talks about seasonal fluctuations, with the insinuation that closing a whole ward to one sex is a common event, or that they would do the same to men in spring - which they have never done before either.

This casual sexism, misleading by omission and dismissal of concerns raised by the Service Users they are meant to support needs to stop.

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