Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Today we are Angry

Today we are angry.

We are angry because there is a woman from our area experiencing all of the problems we have been talking about.

We are angry that she is miles away from her home.

We are angry that she is miles away from her family.

We are angry because she's separated from her children.

We are angry that she doesn't have any visitors as its too far to travel.

We are angry that she's being treated by people who don't know her or her history.

We are angry that she was treated in a dismissive and disrespectful way.

We are angry that she couldn't leave easily as she is ill, alone and miles from home.

We are angry that this will continue as there's no chance of her being moved closer to home.

We are angry that it took intervention from people on twitter for anything to change.

We are angry that this has even happened.

There are a number of us who have found what happened today with the women being treated in Burnley very triggering as it reminded us of the experiences we have faced ourselves when being treated away from home.

There was a time when this would have upset us and maybe we would have withdrawn into ourselves and let it churn and churn into introspective negativity.

But no.  While we are deeply, deeply concerned that there is someone out there who is struggling with the situation she finds herself in, through no fault of her own, we are not running away.

We are angry.  Very angry.  And that anger is galvanising us to make sure that we keep on going and we keep on fighting this until we have the female beds back at The Orchard.

If you share our sense of anger and injustice at this, see the pinned post on our blog about how you can help.  Sign our petition.  Get angry and speak out as well.  Every voice helps.


  1. Well done for not sitting back and letting it happen. I can see how the reaction you mentioned here would be easier.
    >There was a time when this would have upset us and maybe we would have withdrawn into ourselves and let it churn and churn into introspective negativity.<

    But you and your team, and all those who have supported the blog, and petition, who have tweeted and spoken of it on Facebook are doing everything you can to try and stop this happening.
    Keep going.

  2. Thanks. We were delighted when the Trust took action today to help the service user we're talking about, but it shouldn't happen at all. Respect costs nothing, dignity costs nothing and it shouldn't take people getting angry for things to change.

    We want the beds back. This isn't a campaign based on hypothetical harm. It's real and it's happening right now.

    1. Not only do Respect and Dignity cost nothing, they are demanded of any such service. Indeed they are the promised fundamental expectations by that Trust.
      By the NHS.

      As an aside,what share are the Trust lobbying for out of next year's promised extra 2 billion pounds for helping frontline services and the hospital bed need.
      One would expect that slack would be built in to the system of a percentage of empty beds per region.
      The cost of this absent slack is measure in misery suffering and potential tragedy which will live long after any slack is introduced due to patients fears from present and past experiences of suffering.
      This 'systemic slack' is quite literally VITAL.

      Heartless b*****ds.


  3. People getting angry doesn't change things if those people are patients. No, anger towards staff because of what they do or don't do is put down to mental illness. Then the staff becone angry and shout at you and often inject you FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY. Plus you are then marked and treated with contempt. This is the experience of so so many people. Ironically, if staff treated people the exact opposite way, most people would improve quicker, get home sooner and cost of care would be far cheaper; and oh, btw, the working experience of staff would be raised significantly, their moral would raise and, oh, here's another point. their stress would reduce making them less likely to lose their job, or worse, become a PATIENTS themselves. Game keeper turned POACHER,
    Or Health worker to Pleb. One of those plebs some of them once despised.
    But though they might now have insight,please don't assume they could effect positive change, their colleagues would look down on them or at best Humour them.

    Angry people will only see action if they are revealing abuse to the PUBLIC ARENA. ONLY If they are demonstrating. not egg but blood on the corporate face.

    LCFT twittered to say that facts were wrong. "Just 2 Lancaster women yesterday".
    If you can comment on one days figure (btw was the start of the day the same as the end of the day?) you can freely comment on the other days and weeks previously.and answer 'How many women were sent out of LCFT in the week of the orchard barring access to women and all subsequent weeks?'
    Come on LCFT. ANSWER OPENELY. Im just expanding the unasked question you uninvitedly answered. Or do I need to go through the formal process and get it via the FOI Act?

    Why did you answer that unasked question but ignore all the other questions and comments?
    These are direct questions to you LCFT. No answer can possibly relate to sensitive, personal or confidential info so you have no barrier to answering openly.

  4. In our experience, it would take an FOI request to get that information from the Trust as they won't offer it up willingly.

    Even knowing that we would be proved right once our FOI requests were complete, the Trust continued to claim that what we were saying wasn't the case.

  5. You'd think they were from Parliament..
    The fact though that they chose to volunteer information unsolicited yet sit silent on all other comment speaks volumes.
    Go and give them what for. You have done a job of fantasy yet made it fact.