Sunday, 16 November 2014

The words of the people hurt by this closure.

We regularly check the stats for this blog.  In the two weeks its been running we've had over 4,500 hits and this is growing daily.  What stands out for us, though, is how people are drawn to the contributions from the people who are affected by this first hand. 

Have a read.  Hear our voice.  We need to be heard.  So do our children.

So I asked my children, "what was it like when I was in hospital?"

Away from family and early release - a husband speaks out.

Clare's story.  A near miss, distressed children and a fear for the future.

Debby's story on the importance of local treatment.

S's Story - Moving female patients out of town is at best ludicrous, at worst, dangerous.

Would I be less likely to get a bed if you publish my name?

Lou's story - Her concerns about being treated away from home.

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