Monday, 24 November 2014

Is Everything in Crisis?

Twitter has been full of tweets under #crisisteamfail.  Turns out that the hashtag was started by someone under the care of Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust.

Someone, it turns out, who has children who is being treated 90 mins from her home as there's no beds in The Orchard for women.  Someone who is experiencing first hand the problems with being so far away from home.  Little contact with their family, no one to come and visit and all the rest.  All of the things that the Trust deny are a problem.

Someone who started #crisisteamfail because of her experiences of Home Treatment at the hands of the LCFT, the care, that we're told by the Trust is so much better for us women.  As @orchardbeds chatted with this woman another tweep joined in and low and behold, turns out it's the same Crisis team as the other two.

There's no saying that the whole of the Crisis team in North Lancashire isn't up to par and some names have come out as providing really good care, but there's certainly enough examples of problems to make us sit up and take notice.

They all had experience of poor treatment at the hands of the teams that's meant to care for you when you're at your worst.  And that's what the women of North Lancashire are left with.

Miles away from home if you need inpatient care and a crisis team that spawned a #crisisteamfail hashtag.

Fingers crossed you don't get ill ladies!


  1. I work in the trust and can tell you that I have been reliably informed of at least 1 female patient who a matter of weeks ago was sent out of Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust (In DoH terms this is true Out Of Area and is severely frowned upon by the same).
    I understand that Mr Dibble was brought in recently to sort out the Out Of Area 'problem' and focus on budget reduction due in the main to actual or potential Special Measures.

  2. Very interesting. Maybe one for our meeting with Mr Dibble on Monday, I think.

    Thank you for taking the time to comment on our blog.