Wednesday, 12 November 2014

A meeting offered and a meeting accepted.

The Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust has offered representatives of the Beds in the Orchard Campaign a face to face meeting to discuss the issues in person.  We have asked for the information from our FOI requests before we meet.

We have accepted the meeting and the correspondence between us was as follows:

Dear Lancashire Care,

My name is **** and I am the Beds in the Orchard campaign spokesperson.  Thank you for your offer of a face to face meeting.  We accept, and will be happy to arrange such a meeting with you.
Although we will confirm closer to the date, we expect to be sending three representatives to the meeting and I will be one of them.  As two of the representatives work full time and the other part time, we will have to work with you to find a date when we can all attend.  For the sake of ease, we would prefer the meeting to be held in Lancaster as this is where we all reside and it will give more opportunities for us to find a time when we can fit this around our existing work commitments.

We tweeted that we would would like to have the information from our FOI requests before we meet.  These are:-

I am aware of two other official campaign requests.  One submitted by Ms ***** by letter or email and the other from Ms **** via "What do they know".  I have yet to have a response from the wider campaign community as to whether they have submitted other requests for their own information.   If you are unable to find Ms ****and Ms ****'s requests by name, then do let me know and I will contact them for the reference numbers.  The text from Ms ****'s request was as follows:

Please let me have copies of all documents, produced in the 12
month period ended 7 November 2014, including but not limited to
meeting minutes and relevant emails, in relation to the Trust's
decision to close The Orchard in Lancaster to female inpatients.

In particular, please supply documentation on the following issues
related to the decision:

* impact assessment of effect on quality of care to female patients
served by your organisation;
* consideration of the Trust's duties under the Equality Act 2010
Please be aware that we will be continuing with our campaign in the interim period between now and when the meeting takes place.  This will include publishing the outcome of our research and continuing liaison with the press.  The campaign will only cease if in the interim period the 6 beds at The Orchard are returned to female use.
Best regards,
Campaign Spokesperson.

Dear ****

Thank you for your email. Just a quick message to confirm receipt of your email. I have also passed on your request to receive your FOI responses prior to the meeting.

We’ll be in contact with proposed meeting dates and the responses to your FOIs as soon as possible.

Communications Team
Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust

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