Saturday, 8 November 2014

How wrong does something have to be before they CHANGE it?

This is a quick summary of the main points made in this blog with links to the relevant posts.

In his interview with BBC Radio Lancashire, Keith Dibble, Deputy Network Director of LCFT was asked "Do you accept that moving these women further away from their families and children could be damaging?"  He replied "We believe not".

Well we are telling you that it is damaging, Keith.  We believe removing all local inpatient care for the women of Lancaster and the surrounding area is wrong and damaging because...

It discriminates against women.

It punishes women and families on low incomes.

It can lead to increased detentions under the Mental Health Act.

It deters women from seeking, or accepting help.

It affects families and children.

It damages women by isolating them from their support networks.

And lets not forget that even some LCFT Staff agree with us.

How wrong does something have to be before Lancashire Care NHS Trust will change it?

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  1. Mr Dibble.
    You publically stated "We believe 'not"?
    Please publically give your evidence to support your assertion.
    Say Why LCFT senior management ..."believe not"
    In public consultation, did one person say "no it won't damage me or mine" even though 9 who dont understand the issue said "yes it definitely wil". We always get nine disruptive voices that contradict the 1 sensible voice. The one voice that intelligently matches our desired preconceived outcome.

    Why do they say We think not? Are they so heartless with their own families that they wouldnt be bothered in that situation? Of course not.
    It is corporate lieing. Tell enough people that blue eyes belong to bad people and the ignorant amongst them will believe it without questioning.
    "Well it must be true because the professionals told me. They must be right because they 'earn' 200 grand a year, have been to Uni, talk with sincerity and have no agenda other than our best interests"
    Its true. I know for a fact because Kieth told me so.
    I ask again Mr Dibble, exactly what evidence do you have to support this claim?
    Lastly, for those of you who didn't pick up on it - We believe not - is a Corporate Conscience Cleaner. Don't say yes, don't say no or you need to show evidence.

    We don't need evidence for opinion. Voicing opinion is considered evidence enough.
    Opinion is SUBJECTIVE.... De facto EVIDENCE.
    Case closed!!!....?