Friday, 5 December 2014

Our Campaign, our MP and the LCFT on the BBC Radio Lancashire

If you don't live in Lancashire or if you haven't been listening to BBC Radio Lancashire, you can hear our campaign, the response from the Trust and our MP via their listen again Service.

You can hear us in the morning on the Graham Liver breakfast show.
We are on at 1:09:15 and the Trust are on an hour later.

You can hear about us again and the support from our MP, David Morris on the Gary Hickson program from this evening.
We are on at 01:10:00 or thereabouts.

See what you think.

Remember, when the MP mentions the Scarisbrick Unit in Ormskirk, this gem from our FOI requests.

TH suggested using The Orchard as a flexible ward if the network is under pressure for male or female beds for a period of time. The current female patients could be moved to Scarisbrick Unit. AW stated that as the Orchard is a standalone unit it would have to be clear which patients could be admitted as there is only 1 seclusion room. The ward would be flexible until the opening of the Harbour.

Yes, they planned to move the female patients that were at The Orchard in Lancaster to the Scarisbrick Unit in Ormskirk, the unit furthest away from home. 


  1. It seems that all that pours from their mouths is vile necrotic putriescent faeces.

    They shut down ward 20 knowing they couldn't cope!???
    They need to re open ward 20 until they can cope!!!
    Epic Heartlessness.

    If this is how they behave publically when they know we have seen the evidence, how the he'll do they treat their inpatients?!!!


    Knight Owl

  2. Morning Knight Owl.

    That's certainly one description of the Trust we'd not seen before, I

    I know how keen they are not to misinform people (ha!) so it was ward 18 with 22 male beds in it that was closed, not ward 20.

    But yes. Our opinion is that they area bunch of misleading cockwombles.