Friday, 5 December 2014

So what did we learn on the radio today?

This morning Beds in the Orchard was back on BBC Radio Lancashire.  The Trust is vulnerable to Judicial Review after failing to pay due regard when closing The Orchard to women.

We sent our spokesperson.  They sent a spokesperson.  What did we learn?

1. That they are still using the "clinical need" line when we know that this is nothing to do with women who may need PICU care.

2. That they are still saying it's not for financial reasons despite knowing that they had to close a ward in this financial year and the Lancashire Telegraph had already reported that it was to save £720,000.

3. That they are still saying that it had nothing to do with closing the ward in Burnley, despite FOI information showing that they themselves said that the loss of 22 male beds was "unmanageable" before they closed it.  The FOI further showed how they had to close female beds elsewhere to make up the shortfall.

4. That they are still talking about more community care when our FOI request showed there had been no increase in staff in North Lancs or Burnley.

5. That it's preferable to deny ALL women from North Lancashire local care then send any men out of area.

6. That they weren't willing to address the issue of the Equality Act when challenged.

And last of all, they would rather have the terrible publicity of making a group of women with mental health issues take them to court rather than sort it out.

Well done Lancashire Care NHS Trust.  Well done.

1 comment:

  1. Mind blowing behaviour.
    They are fully aware of the affect that court will have on you women, yet they are deliberately forcing you to go there with clear LIES.
    Then if it affects you to the ultimate extent, you will have to be under their 'CARE' in hospital again. Far from home.
    That is pure evil.
    Alex n Jo