Saturday, 20 December 2014

Its the BITO Christmas Night Out!

Tonight the Beds in the Orchard team are on their way out to celebrate what has been a very successful few weeks of very hard work. 

This is the part where we all can join together and have some fun, especially for those of us who've not been able to join in the coffee and cake-fest that has been the cornerstone of a lot of the campaign team's involvement.

We're looking forward to a night of good food, good company and probably fizzy stuff to celebrate Christmas and the campaign in general.

Let the good times roll!


  1. Hi
    sorry, but to protect a friend I can't give my name.
    I have been told of someone who is in hospital and was told last week that she would be in the Orchard close to home, for Christmas.
    She is devastated because that promise has been renaged upon.
    She will not be close to family for Christmas.
    How cruel the hospital authorities are. It is simply evil to treat an ill person in this way!

    I've heard from workers that there was just one man to move from the Orchard and that these women would be in when he moved.
    Had he moved then the women's presence would have meant no men could use this part of the hospital.
    Other provision would have been used. Yet they refilled these beds with men because no other provision was available.

    How cruel to these women, their children and families.
    CRUELTY in the extreme. How long have the women been set back in their recovery too?

    Mr Angry

  2. My friend has had the same lieing guff from ward staff. Bloody appalling. How can anyone do that. If a person is moving close to home and you tell them they are, you make dam sure it happens. You don't build their hopes and expectations up, then kick their already weak legs from under them.