Tuesday, 2 December 2014

So, will we get the beds back?

The question we've been asked the most is "are we getting the beds back?"

The answer to this is "yes, at some point, but it may not be until The Harbour opens."

This is obviously very disappointing to us all.  This will mean that The Orchard will have been closed to women for at least 6 months.  Half a year is not a short term temporary closure, it is a long period of time for women to be denied local care and experience all of the negative effects.

The Trust were unable to offer any guarantees about when the ward will be reopened to women, although they assured us that they are reviewing this regularly.

The problem is that they're unable to cope with the demand for male beds, so have no choice to keep the ward male only.  Attempts to move some beds back have not worked.  This is due to the lack of capacity caused by closing the 22 male beds.

Is it just the women in North Lancashire who have lost out?

Yes. Although there have been small losses elsewhere, the impact has focussed on North Lancashire. 

The first contingency plans were to close 5 female beds and change those to male.  Two of these were the swing beds at The Orchard. The closure of the whole ward means that the loss of 22 male beds has resulted in a total loss of 11 female beds, 8 of which are in Lancaster.

Is there ANY good news?

Yes and no...
We've been assured that The Orchard will return to mixed use as soon as it's feasible, though with the usual caveat that it could run to when The Harbour opens.  It's difficult for us to see this as good news when we already had that information.

More positively, it was made clear that the intention is to absolutely return the ward to mixed sex and that there are further plans for investment, such as the appointment of an additional Pdoc.

The Consultant Psychiatrist who attended the meeting to give clinical input was keen to point out that they wanted the ward to return to mixed sex as it was a more therapeutic environment when the ward is mixed.  He also showed genuine concern about the in the impact of the closure.

The Trust are keen to keep dialogue open between themselves and the Campaign and our spokesperson will keep this dialogue going.  The Trust have assured us that the use of the beds is under constant review and that they are accountable to the CCGs that it is only temporary.  By having direct communication we can keep up to date with what is happening.

Anything else?
We suggested an interim measure to help the women and their families and this is going to be discussed by the Trust, though they felt it may not be feasible.  We have actioned them to look into other ways that they could help.

We also raised some feedback as to how the trust could look at how it deals with complaints.  They have taken this on-board.


  1. So yet more clear cut evidence of Lies Damned lies and LieCFT.

    Not our intention for this to run for weeks and weeks!!?
    Lieing tossers!
    Absolute bare faced LIES!!
    They now infer admission that the Harbour was the end game plan for Lancaster women all along.
    F the effect it will have.
    F the fact that women and their familied will suffer severely; in mind when they're in hospital to have their minds repaired / prepared for repair.
    Absolute lieing bast##ds!!!
    They MUST do everything to reduce the suffering THEY CAUSED!!!
    I am livid!!!!!
    As angry as it it possible to be.
    Heartless w##k#rs

    Please team, if you can find time, list 1 by 1 each LIE told by Lancashire CLEARLY DONT CARE.

    Publish a LIST OF SHAME


    Many of these women and their families are amongst the poorest in Britain.

    Shite what BASTARDS. How NOT to treat a person with respect, dignity an compassion

    Fuming : Rex

  2. This cant be right.Tell me of one hospital build that opened up when management said it would! This could go on until Autumn.or later. Its possible that there will be no beds for us women for a total of 12 months.
    A complete year. A full year of torment.
    I can't do that!
    I can't be away from my children for that length of time. They need me close, well or poorly. They need me.
    My sister can't look after them as she lives in the Isle of Man and my partner wouldl lose his job because of child care.
    Can't somebody help?
    Get them to reopen the men's ward or something, please.

  3. Thank you for your comment. We feel your anxieties here too.

    We're doing what we can to work with the Trust to put this right. Waiting until The Harbour opens is their fall back position, but we strongly agree that this is too long a wait for the women of our community.

    We are working hard for this to change - take heart.

  4. Rex - there are some of our more outspoken campaigners who have expressed their dismay in the same way as you. Watch our campaign, we are doing all we can.