Sunday, 7 December 2014

Communications with the Trust Part 3 or 4, we've lost count.

The Beds in the Orchard team has been having a well deserved weekend off the campaign to regroup, drink mulled wine and do a bit of Christmas shopping. We can confirm that Christmas shopping is way more tiring and stressful than campaigning for women.  However, since mulled wine has been involved, its not all bad.

So on to next week...

Our spokesperson has heard back from the Trust and we are expecting to receive a report from them tomorrow along with the notes from our meeting last Monday.

Last Thursday, Keith Dibble held a meeting of managerial and clinical staff to discuss everything that has happened so far and their report will cover their position about the closure and actions since.

So we're a bit "wait and see" now.  We'll let you know what happens tomorrow.


  1. If its anything like the Radio Lancashire Drivell interview, then you are so right.
    Knowing they have to send copies to you we can be certain of 'Heavy Editing'.
    Slimey toad like behaviour.


  2. Heard about you from friends
    My opinion?
    It's this:

    Obviously you will receive promised info like that at their latest convenience'. They all behave alike these corporate shiesters.
    Dishonest and self seeking, and look to do you down if you dare, if you have the audacity to stend up to Abuse. Look at the classic story of the Whistleblowing Dr in the West London Mental Health Service.
    Management Health Workers? Never.
    Management self Wealth Workers. Its always for their own ends this type of manager.
    No better than City Bankers, in fact worse coz bankers at least are open about being money grabbers.
    Damned Evil attitude and behaviour!
    Yea I honestly know it's not all managers but those who force people to do what is morally wrong and harmful to others. They are acting for evil ends

    This is an awful story on many levels. Awful through and through.
    You campaigners are a credit to humanity. Be proud of yourselves for having the guts and determinatin to see it through.
    But watch your own health, each of you.