Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Is a Victory Without Beds Possible?

It's clear to our campaign that we may not get the beds back any time soon.  They just don't have enough beds after they closed 22 male beds knowing they needed them.  They knew they couldn't manage and they'd have to close The Orchard to women to do it.

They also closed the beds at the start of autumn when they knew there was a seasonal demand for male beds.  Closing beds knowing they were needed.  Stupid thing to do.

Our spokesperson is working with their spokesperson to see what is going to happen next as well as keeping an eye on everything we're doing too.

The rest of the campaign team had a meeting this morning to talk about the situation.  The big topic for our meeting today was...

If we can't get the beds has all of this work been worth it?  
Have we had any kind of victory without getting them back when that was our aim?

We think we can claim some victories along the way.

We've publicly called the Trust to account for their actions.
That's a victory.

We publicly showed through FOI that the Trust was not giving the full story and people know it.
That's a victory.

We've managed to tell our story in local and national press and on local radio.
That's a victory.

We've made the Trust take a group of service users and what they are doing very seriously.
That's a victory.

We have gained the backing of our MP who has been on the radio to support us.
That's a victory.

We publicised the campaign across the UK and lots of people now know what the Trust did.
That's a victory.

We made Mumsnet Blog of the day so a thousand people learned about the Trust's actions.
That's a victory.

We've made people care about us and have had nearly 600 signatures on our petition.
That's a victory.

If you search for the Trust and The Orchard, our publicity there for everyone to see.
That's a victory.

We've helped other service users find their voice and challenge the Trust themselves.
That's a victory.

Most of all, we doubt that the LCFT will pull a stunt like this without expecting a huge reaction as we're organised, we're working together and we'll be on it with all of the force we have.

And that, my friends is a VICTORY!

We still want the bloody beds back though.


  1. Oh yes a victory and NOT a hollow one. Becoming part of the dialogue, becoming a player in mental health activism, giving a voice to those who lack agency because of the nature of illness and structural inequality- that is a success. And one that will continue to reverberate through future attempts to damage MH services.

  2. Lancashire Care, Lancashire Care, just shut up with the rehearsed one liners and listen for once.
    Just listen. Take note:

    Christmas day is 14 days away, just 2 weeks Lancashire Care. We are watching you, you bunch of cold blooded, hard faced callous.reprobates
    If these women are forced away from home and family for Christmas it'll be down to you, the decision makers.
    Bet youll sit pretty with your families, your families by your sides. Happy families, laughing, singing, playing games, HUGGING, KISSING, LOVE. Tucking in to a feast,
    Yet NOT giving these poor women a second thought.
    Maybe they'll be abused by staff too, especially in Blackburn on Nights.

    Remember you were told... if, if , IF, we close the 22 male beds in Burnley, we can't manage. Not 'when', 'if'.
    The decision was made after it was known and stated that you can't manage. But... oh what a surprise Lancashire Care... it was done to SAVE MONEY. These patients suffer because of your BUDGET decision.

    Just one more thing, we know know know that patients are to go where it is clinically appropriate, but as we know and these campaigners keep saying, to go elsewhere other than a home town is if a patient needs a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). Only PICU. No other reason.
    You weasel Dibble. Stop talking smoke screens. DONT insult the intelligence of Lancashire's Lads n Lasses, It stands out a mile.
    Do you think like so many people that Mentally ill people have sub standard intelligence?