Friday, 9 January 2015

Happy New Year - Where are those pesky beds?

It's been a while since we've blogged and been on the BITO campaign trail.  We've had a good few weeks off for Christmas, but are firmly back on the campaign trail from today.

So where are we up to?
The beds at The Orchard unit are still all male.  The Trust tried to empty the female ward of the men to reopen them to women and had got down to one last bed, but a huge flurry of male admissions over the weekend before Christmas meant that it was a no go.  Information from our supporters show that there were some women who had been expecting to be closer to their families at Christmas and were disappointed. 

So are we.  Very disappointed.

It seems that it's impossible to treat men in the community.  That needs looking at, it really does.  It feels almost impossible to get a bed when you're a woman,  but impossible to keep men out of hospital.  Why is the community care failing like that?  More on that in later posts.
Our spokeswoman has been in contact with the Trust on a regular basis and says that they are still working towards re-opening the beds to women as soon as possible.  It's all a bit secret squirrel,  but we'll keep you updated.  We just want them to get on with it now!

Some LOVELY news
A lovely person on twitter has nominated BITO for the Deputy PMs Mental Health Heroes award!

A chance for us to address our issues and speak about our campaign and the Trust with the deputy PM in person would be AMAZING.

As for LCFT, no publicity is bed, sorry, I mean bad publicity. 


  1. Hi BITO

    Havent commented in a whle because I assumed you must have got the beds back. I remember the promises that LCFT made before Christmas. What`s happening team?
    What are the Trust doing?
    What is the local MP doing behind the scenes?
    When are the beds returning?!!!!!!!

    Seems that LCFT have forgotten ''...this wont run for weeks and weeks''... (Dibble to the world: Radio Lancashire

    The women of Lancashire are still being abused by the appointed CARERS!

    Does anyone now how those poor women are doing who were promised they would be near family for Christmas- only to have the promise cruelly snatched away at the last minute?

    Knight Owl

    Ps No comments please bout it being daytime. Disgusting bullying crows are mobbing me

  2. Knight Owl... great to 'hear' your voice. I've set my computer up so I know when there are any changes to this site. I always look forward to reading your common sense and common caring decency. My friends say the same.
    So sorry about the crows.
    Are you talking CRISIS TEAM by any chance?
    Look after yourself mate. Stand strong and ignore their dictatorial heartless guff; born out of ignorance!!!!!