Friday, 30 January 2015

We do love a good rant - an accurate one too

Not noticed this is norm, but can I request that you post this rather than leave it as a comment?

Oh go on Anonymous, since you asked so nicely.

What the hell do the LCareFT CARE. They don't give a shite.
They speak a load of Drivell.
They promised on County wide radio this won't be for ..."weeks and weeks!"
They told a misleading truth. They mislead the citizens of Lancashire and the radio and newspaper reporters.
It has been MONTHS and MONTHS and it seems the Harbour opening is 'surprise-surprise' going to be delayed.
So to recap Only going to be until the Harbour opens; no, just less than weeks and weeks.
The women are told they are going to the Orchard but have that rug pulled from under them just a couple of days before Christmas (Heartless Cruelty)
They empty the female wing; of all but one man, but instead of going that last step they refilled the empty five beds with men knowing the difficulty they say they faced to get to that stage.
And there are no signs that the concerns and frustration voiced re the experiences around the CRISIS (CRISIS RESOLUTION AND HOME TREATMENT TEAM (CRHTT) - CuRT by name CuRT by nature it seems)) are being addressed, nor even acknowledged.
Is this Trust run by amateurs, the heartless or the blissfully ignorant?!
Give these women their Therapeutic Need!
If anyone is harmed as a direct result of your actions and inactions The Truth WILL Out LCFT

Posted by Anonymous to Beds In The Orchard at 30 January 2015 at 14:18

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