Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Taking the "care" out of Lancashire Care

After a reasonably quiet year, it looks like we may be back in business.  This time to try and protect local rehabilitation for service users being discharged from hospital.

In 2014, LCFT opened Moss View in Heysham following a refurbishment costing tens of thousands of pounds.  The site was officially opened in July 14 to great fanfare, only for LCFT to be winding down the site and closing it not much more than a year later.

This site should care for up to 12 service users who need rehabilitation after long hospital stays and serious illness.  It is also used to support people with complex needs, such as learning disabilities who are not unwell enough for hospital, but not well enough to care for themselves independently.

Without this resource, we can only imagine that people will be sent out of area or left to Home Treatment, a team LCFT is currently cutting by 20-25%.

LCFT has been struggling with demand for acute inpatient beds, after years of systematic bed closures.   One of the reasons for delayed discharge can be lack of suitable follow on care.  This makes this decision even more incomprehensible.

Crikey LCFT. Will there be any actual care left soon?

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